Meta-hierarchical Exercise


Meta-hierarchical Exercise (2022) departs from the documented images of modern history. The work takes reference from documented images related to patriarchy during the modernisation period, women’s labour and industrialisation, and the struggle for democracy in the 1960s and after. It also touches on slogans and leaflets that reflected such movements and historical conflicts. In this work, embroidery drawings capturing historical moments from the selected images become choreography drawings and scores. It is interpreted as improvised performances and gestures by the invited musical players and choreographers, unfolding in the museum. Young In Hong considers improvisation as a personal interpretation. Thus, the choreography-score drawing can be interpreted by different individuals through diverse expressions.

The process where the drawing is transformed into bodily movements and melodies can be seen as a kind of process through which the documentation becomes an abstraction. As individual elements that freely drift in the space, the body and melody are played in variation and spread as they create different forms within the museum. The gestures and melodies which the performers create create can become different symbols that refuse history as a grand symbol, regenerating the past in more diverse and individual narratives.

Scoring the Words, Seoul Museum of Art, 2022

Twenty four choreography- score; embroidered on cotton, 65x100cm each

Performers: Hannah Kim (drum), Dasol Kim (clarinet), Hamin Kim, Wonbin Jo, Chaeri (percussion), Jinan Kang, Na Ye Son, Hui Ju, Minsun Choi (choreography)