Woven and Echoed, A Colourful Waterfall and the Stars

A Colourful Waterfall and the Stars. 2021
Copper Pipe, 3 glass balls, various fabric,
rubber, wood, electric cable, and 3 LED lamps
215 x 220 x 40 cm
Photo: Courtesy PKM Gallery.

In these two installation works, words and sentences that have been turned upside-down and fragmented become entangled. These texts, which are quotations collected from female workers in Korean textile factories between the β€˜70s and the β€˜80s, are re-structured as a part of large-scale tapestry or textile collage hung from the ceiling. Hong, through such act of deconstructionist β€œre-writing,” intends to poetically highlight the individual narratives of female laborers that have been overshadowed by patriarchal metanarratives and thus liberate them from the reductive recording of history.

Woven and Echoed 2021
Fabric 204 x 292 cm
Photo: Courtesy of PKM Gallery.