Thi and Anjan

Sound Installation and straw woven shoes for elephants
48 x 71 x 60 cm Shoes for hind feet , 60 x 62 x 60 cm Shoes for front feet , 22 x 30 x 28 cm Shoes for hind feet , 23 x 27 x 28 Shoes for front feet , Sound duration: 14 mins 8 secs
Photos above and below: Courtesy of PKM Gallery

Young In Hong observed the lifestyle and communication process of elephants living communally at a Chester Zoo in England, and made shoes for a deceased grandmother elephant, Thi, and her granddaughter, Anjan, in order to produce a scene of these elephants just having taken off their shoes at the exhibition space. These straw-woven shoes were completed through a collaboration with straw craft masters Chung Kyung Lee and Yeon Hwa Park. The soundtrack that surrounds the exhibition space and evokes various places of encounter between humans and elephants, including a forest in Africa, a water hole, an Indian wedding, and a zoo, was produced in collaboration with Miles Otto, an electronic musician, and Andrew Neil Hayes, a saxophonist. Such audiovisual environment made possible through cross-cultural collaborations represents a time and space where humans and animals coexist.

To hear sound – click here