Young In Hong: World-Class Artistry

Goran Stahle

by Goran Stahle

This is not graffiti, Cecilia Hillström Gallery
16 February – 24 March

Young In Hong (born 1972) is a female artist from South Korea, who has lived in London for the last eleven years. This is her first exhibition in the Northern Europe, in the relatively new place, Cecilia Hillström Gallery in Stockholm. Young In Hong works with all the techniques there are: paint, embroidery, sculpture, installation, film and photo collage. In this exhibition, there is a mixed use of paint and embroidery, as well as collaboration with a local graffiti artist. Young In Hong says herself that she would like to break down the artistic hierarchy by mixing different genres within her works.
A good example is the piece ‘A girl with a slogan’, in which she unites the anonymous graffiti with a banner that is held up by a girl during a demonstration against the free-trade agreement between South Korea and the United States in Seoul. The social structures in Korea are often subtly referenced to in both her content and her way of working. Her frequent use of embroidery with loose threads that hang from the paintings receives a certain meaning because needlework has been a primary industry in Korea for a long time, with severely underpaid women who work with this.
Sure, it’s a cliché, but this is, without a doubt, absolute world-class artistry!