Young In Hong, presenting ‘Image Unidentified’ on the external wall of Art Sonje

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Young In Hong, presenting ‘Image Unidentified’ on the external wall of Art Sonje
March 7th, 2014 09:24
[The Herald Business=Youngran Lee, the Senior Reporter]

Artist Young In Hong, who lives and works in London, was invited for the ‘Banner Project’ for the rear facade of Art Sonje, located in Sogyeok-dong, Seoul. Young In Hong is the first artist participating in the 2014 Banner Project by Art Sonje with an artwork titled ‘Image Unidentified.’
In 2008, Young In Hong produced a performance project where she fly-posted posters containing unidentified images on random streets of London. After this project, which was conducted independently by the artist, she is now presenting this performance on the areas nearby the museum and streets of Seoul for a week while a large banner of the same image is hung on the real facade of Art Sonje.

The posters are given a life from the moment they were attached on a street but, at the same time, they are out of control of the artist. Surely, they can be removed or damaged by anyone. ‘Unidentified Image’ is a poster that looks like a still life painting combining an 18th century European botanical illustration and ‘Cho-Chung-Do (Plant and Insect Painting)’ by Shin Saimdang (1504-1551) in the 16th century. Through this performance, the artist tries to question authority of the art and artists, originality, commercial value of artworks and cultural autenticity.
Young In Hong’s Banner on the external wall of Art Sonje is a part of the ‘Banner Project by Art Sonje,’ which is to invite art in a public space, and a preview to announce the ‘Poster Project’ by Young In Hong, in which unidentified images are spread in unspecific locations. The performance, in which the artist will attach posters for a week from March 7th, will be updated in real time at Art Sonje’s online website (
The artist graduated from Goldsmith University of London with a PhD, and has been presenting various art projects in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, India, Thailand, France and U.K. Young In Hong, who has been focusing on projects related to locationality, is working on subjects of phenomenon and experiences regarding collective emotions in modern cities by combining various mediums including drawing, sound installation, space installation, performance, 2D works and bookmaking.

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