Young In Hong: stitching together the images of South Korean Post-War history
by Andrew Stooke
2017, Young In Hong: stitching together the images of South Korean Post-War history, Art Radar

The Moon's Trick, Young In Hong
by Ned Carter Miles
2017, The Moon's Trick, Young In Hong, Art Asia Pacific Web Exclusive

A Fire That Never Dies
by Fatos Ustek
2016, A Fire That Never Dies, Exhibition Catalogue 2016, Cecilia Hillström Gallery, Stockholm

Jinnie Seo : Young In Hong
2014, Spectrum-Spectrum, Exhibition Catalogue 2014, PLATEAU, Seoul, p.84 -110

Young In Hong, presenting ‘Image Unidentified’ on the external wall of Art Sonje
March 7th, 2014, Herard Seoul

Hong Young In
Jan/Feb/Mar issues, 2014, Muze Magazine, Paris, p.48

Young In Hong: This is Not Graffiti
by Miyoung von Platen
2013, Exhibition leaflet, Cecilia Hillström Gallery, Stockholm

Young In Hong: World-Class Artistry
#5, 2013, Konstvalden, p.55

Nowhere I Can Be
by Young In Hong
2013, Nowhere I Can Be, Artist Book, p.3. ISBN 978-0-9558967-3-6

City Rituals
2012, City Rituals, Exhibition Leaflet, Artclub1563, Seoul

A Public Message for Different Directions
November 2012, Misulsegye(Art World monthly magazine), Seoul

Maximum City
by Ole Hagen
2012, MAXIMUM CITY, Exhibition Catalogue, James Freeman Gallery, London

Artistic Practice of Genuine Touch
by Fatos Ustek 2010

About 'Group performances, Orange Flags and the Restoration of Time'
by Tae Man Choi 2010

About 'Miners' Orange'
by Young In Hong 2010

Press Release - Young In Hong: Double Encounter
I-MYU Projects, London 2009

Interview by Linda Aloysius
MPhil/PhD Fine Art Symposium, Goldsmiths College: (Im)materiality 2009

Young In Hong: Flowers, Desire, Transgression and Jokes
by Hyewon Lee (Art Historian)
2008, Public/Art Seoul: An On-line Public Art Project, Exhibition Catalogue and

Come and Join the audience to Open Theatre
by Kang, Su-mi (Aesthetics, Art Critic)
2004, Open Theatre, Exhibition Catalogue, Gallery Factory, Seoul

The Closure and Disclosure of Visibility: an Opaque Opening and the Transparency of That Closing
by Yeran KIM (Associate Professor, School of Communication, Kwangwoon University)
2002, The Pillars, Exhibition Catalogue, Loop Gallery, Seoul

Meditating Pillars
by Leslie Zhao Chuan (Writer, Artist)
2002, The Pillars, Exhibition Catalogue, Loop Gallery, Seoul