Sound Gesture 87' 22'' 2000/2003

Graphite Powder, Dimension Variable
Dreamy Hives, Space Zip, Seoul

Sound Gesture 87'22'' is the trace of the artist's performance made in the basement room of Space Zip, Seoul. The artist entered into the space with bare feet and four bags of graphite powder. Without any audience or recording inside the locked room, the performance started and continued without stopping. The performance ended when the artist was entirely exhausted. Meanwhile, the duration of the performance had been measured. The performance itself consisted of the repeated action of walking in one direction. While the artist walked, she walked, she rotated and extended her arms, making her hands hit/slap the wall so that a noise was produced. Finger marks were left as positive traces on the wall,footprints, in contrast, left a negative imprint, leaving the graphite powder crushed and spread. This was accentuated due to the artist grabbing and dropping powder in between her other gestures.
For the duration of the exhibition, the room showing the traces of the performance was exposed, the audience being allowed to see the space only from the entrance of the room.