Open Theatre 2004

Scaffolding, gauze fabric, Anguk Post Office, Seoul, Korea, 2004

Open Theatre was a public art project curated by the artist. It took place at the public sites of two official institutions, a post office and a police station, in the Samchung-dong area, Seoul. The project diffused the boundary between public/private, art/everyday life, the virtual/the actual, and created a space for the re-evaluation of the interstices existing in the society.

A mock construction raised one more storey on top of a post office building located in Anguk-dong, the centre of Seoul. This installation was exposed to the public for approximately one month. In Korea, people often use English term, ‘upgrade’ to express their expectation of better quality in something or a certain circumstances. The piece identified the concept of an ‘upgrade’ of an official institution with an act of raising a further storey. It humorously represented the gap between hollow promises of the state and the expectations of its citizens by creating a simulacra of ‘progress’ on top of the post office building.