To Paint the Portrait of a Bird (2019)

Carpet 108x450x4cm(embroidery on cotton, fur fabric, recycled yarn),
Wall piece 360x300h cm (embroidery on cotton, polyester, recycled yarn, recycled fabric, metal mesh, wood)
Lightings: 60x45x85cm, 51x38x86cm, 60x57x247cm, recycled fabric, cotton, copper pipes, cable, plastic balls.

The inside of the cage is reminiscent of a ceremonial space where eastern and western motifs and symbols meet (such as the Confucian ceremonial space, Confucian painting, coats of arms, Japanese colonial buildings, the House of Parliament in London, textile hand craft skills and the mimicking of art nouveau style, all used in a hybrid manner). Images found on the carpet design shows an imagined critical perspective of the birds towards the humans, created based on the poem, ‘To Paint the Portrait of a Bird’ by Jacques Prévert. The wall piece is indirectly reflecting the Confucian sadang in Kam Mo Yo Je Do, but here the middle of the sadang that is supposed to be empty is full of bird images.