Un-Splitting 2019

Collaboration with Stephanie Scheubeck
Performance, Korea Artist Prize 2019, MMCA Seoul

Performance at unspecified locations throughout the 1st floor.

Splitting, in psychology, is a symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder, defined as polarisation of other persons into good and bad by focusing selectively on their positive or negative attributes. Splitting symptoms appear through a tendency of thinking of another person’s disagreeing with oneself as something evil or wrong, thus it functions as a very common ego defence mechanism.
Un-Splitting intends to undo the tendency of splitting. Un-Splitting addresses the tendency of splitting as a case of exclusivity and extreme objectification towards ‘otherness’ as being rooted in symptoms of illness in society.

For this performance, Young In focused on the female body-pose found in photo archives that reflect the inferiority of women’s labour in domestic space as well as in factories and the socially formed conception of young women as being non-political subjects. Participants in the performance pose as subjects from the past found in selected archival photographs of South Korean women. Different female body poses were then combined with patterns from the irregular movement of birds, to develop a unique choreography.