The Performing City 2005

The Hotei Area is located in the North West side of Nagoya, an area recently designated as a redevelopment site by a Government urban renewal program. The Performing City is a site-specific project, which represented a ‘theatrical transformation’ from the old into the new, intended to include the city of Nagoya's transformation as a part of an artwork; it was also designed to influence part of the development plan (a new plan for repairing a statue of Buddha's was proposed by the artist. See HOTEI DAIBUTSU.).
As part of the project the statue was covered with a dust sheet during the repair work. This sheet acted as a theatrical device, that both drew attention to and partially obscured the statue.

Directed by: Young In Hong
Organized by: + Gallery
Sponsored by: Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, MARUSIS, Mikunidoboku Company

HOTEI DAIBUTSU (2005)HOTEI DAIBUTSU (2005) HOTEI, Konanchi, Japan                ITO HOUSE (2005)ITO HOUSE (2005) HOTEI, Konanchi, Japan