Prayers, No 1-39 (2017)

' Prayers, No. 1-39 (2017), the abstract images of 39 pieces of embroidery in black and white, are derived from archive photos of post-war cityscapes from the Korean peninsula, as well as the frequent protests and demonstrations which occurred during the subsequent modernization
period. Attracted to the power of images taken mainly by newspaper photographers at a time when freedom of speech was not guaranteed and censorship was commonplace, the artist pulls out certain forms from those photos and then pushes the outlines of the images to the point that only abstract lines remain. It is from these remaining lines that Hong attempts to create musical scores. Thus, for Hong, these archive photos become what she calls ‘photo-scores’. During the exhibition, the music played and recorded by the artist herself based on these ‘photo-scores’ can be heard through the speakers installed in the gallery space.'

Photography by Luke Andrew Walker, Kii Studios & Photography