Water Comes Together with Other Water 2014

(with Jaikamal, Keerthanã, Naveen, Shivã, Rohini, Rãgéshwari, Sangavi & Sailesh Josyula)

January, Chennai, India

The project offered children of no previous conventional music education the opportunity to learn classical Indian music for the first time. Water comes Together with Other Water aims at culturally cross-disciplinary, socially non-hierarchical learning and teaching. It is performed by a professional musician and children from under-privileged backgrounds.

(The lyrics for this performance was composed by selecting sentences from literary sources written by authors of different cultural and social backgrounds and of different periods of time. Then the lyrics were translated into Indian in order to form an unconventional style of cross-disciplinary music embracing Carnatic, Hindustani and folk styles within a single song. The content of the lyrics were based on investigating poems and songs relating the theme of ‘water’ to human psychology.)