Gwanghwamun Quartet 2013

The Song of Slant Rhymes, Kukje Gallery, Seoul

Saxophone: Sung-wan Kim
Drum: Gyeong-ho Son
Piri (Korean flute): Mi-kyung Song
Contrabass: Changwoo Choi
Design: Hye-eun Kim
Duration: 20' 38''

Gwanghwamun Quartet is an audio-spatial improvised performance which approaches Gwanghwamun Square as a place of 'intensity', interpreting its history and the collective memory associated with it.
The performance starts with solo parts for piri (Korean flute), saxophone, contrabass and drum. This is followed by rigorous play of an ensemble of discord. The musicians play improvised music according to a soundtrack, a composition by the artist based on audio recordings collected at Gwanghwamun square. The musicians are listening to this soundtrack on MP3 headphones as they play and stroll around the gallery space.

Photography: Kanghyun Ahn