In Her Dream 2015

6/50 fig-2
ICA Theatre, London 2015

In Her Dream was inspired by the real story of Jay (pseudonym), that had an impact on the Korean government, forcing it to draft new laws against domestic violence. The choreography for the dancers’ movements was developed by utilising archival images of the women’s movements.

The performance is set in a non-chronological time frame, using two separate stages set next to each other (representing the dinner party and Jay’s isolated room). The consequence of these two distinct settings is a further crossover between a real and a fictional time-space.

The Baroque aesthetic was applied firstly to give a minority group a unique hyperbolic expression – (although it might not be possible to define ‘minority’ in a neo liberal world). Further the Baroque sprit of the ‘total work of art’ was explored through combining installation, costume, dance, music, and acting to form a single work of art.

In Her Dream is a multidisciplinary and intercultural performance, also a nonsensical and bizarre piece, where the story telling is broken and visual associations cannot be fully understood.

Photo © Sylvain Deleu