Double Encounter 2009

Approx. 800 x 280(h)cm, Transparent scenic fabric, Three stage lights, Polyester thread, I-myu Projects, London

'The men, women and children depicted become an eclectic group portrait derived from an initial collage of living and historic characters, individuals encountered and photographed on the street by Young In have been mixed with figurative statutes depicting celebrated persons, found occupying similar street corners and public squares. Densely amalgamated this past and present become, however unlikely, a single integrated crowd, each figure an equal, each looking, each confronting, and each gaze focused on a different point. The spectacle beyond the work is undisclosed, unseen and unknown.

Fascinated by urban architecture Young In has identified statutes as being representative of society as much as being representational of the individuals they depict. These are people, historically disproportionately male, that have for one reason or another been selected above their peers, so like the layering of other urban architectures they tell of power, wealth and social contrivance. The city is as Young-In describes, ‘a strange kind of montage of different power structures and different times.’
In addition the activity of sewing resonates with specificities of social order that while variable by margin between East and West, relate, and in reflection to contemporary Korea, Young In draws on sewing, through gender solidarity, as an overlooked underpinning of the South Korean economy.

(Text from exhibition leaflet)