Colourful Land (An Homage to Robert Morris)

Felt fabric, metal chain, and earring hooks
430 x 25 x 240 cm
Image: Courtesy PKM Gallery.

This installation work, which divides the gallery space in two, builds on the photo-score of Looking Down from the Sky. The work was created as a large screen by connecting three-dimensional felt pieces cut out along the outline of photographs from a historical archive. While paying homage to Robert Morris’ soft felt pieces, this work, which is inspired by the ephemerality and form of “gime,” a paper prop used in a religious ceremony (yeongdeunggut) in Jeju, represents a process in which various historical scenes are abstracted and shifted through mediation. As such, the artist is re-writing contemporary history and projecting the future as a diverse space of coexistence through a process of reconsidering, researching, and reinterpreting history.