“Our Rhythms Have Been Out of Sync in the Past”


“Our Rhythms Have Been Out of Sync in The Past” is a new commission for ‘2021 DMZ Art & Peace Platform’, taking place five different venues in and around the demilitarized zone in South Korea. Thirty-two internationally acclaimed South Korea and abroad artists are participating in the exhibition, highlighting narratives of the DMZ’s past, present, and future, transforming the zone into a new “contact zone” – a borderless peace zone. 

Photo credit: Digital mock up drawing, 2021, © Young In Hong 

“Our Rhythms Have Been Out of Sync in The Past” is a quote from a North Korean novel, Friend by Paek Nam-Nyong. Taken out of its original context and re-located to the Jejin train station in the demilitarised zone, the work encourages us to unfold its unidentified meanings. The hand painted billboard sign with the quote will stay here for two months and be lit up every night. The work intends to address diverse individuals beyond the border between the two Koreas.