Under the Sky of Happiness


The work depicts women who have played a key role in shaping South Koeran modern history. Living during different periods, from different social classes and active in different fields. The work paradoxically demonstrates the less appreciated roles of women in a male-dominated society.

Clockwise from top left: Nora Noh, fashion designer; Juryong Kang, political activist; Yun Hui-sun, an activist who raised an army in the course of justice; Hye-sok Na, artist and writer; Tae-young Lee, lawyer; Jakyung Kim, opera patron; Young-Shin Chang, chairperson at Aekyung Group; Daan-ma Park, pop singer. Keumhee Lee (first dance singer) bottom middle; the two elderly ladies on the right and in front of the letters are demonstrators against the concubine system in 1960s’ Korea.

Photo: Courtesy of SeMA