This Is Not Graffiti

Bad Lover (2013) , Collaboration with Jonas Pike, Private Collection

“In Bad Lover (2013), the collaboration project with a local graffiti artist, Hong presents a situation where two artists participate independently in a creative process. One is mimicking graffiti through her art, and the other is in a sense breaking the autonomy of art in the gallery space.” [Excerpt from exhibition leaflet]

Gwanghwamun Square Emptied, 2013, 125x175x4 cm, embroidery, acrylic paint, Collection Karolinska
A Girl with a Slogan, 2012, 120x170x4 cm, embroidery, Collection Karolinska

Practice of Equality, 2013 ,100x120x3.5cm, embroidery, paper cut, Collection Karolinska
Daydream, 2012, 85x150x4 cm, embroidery, acrylic paint, Collection Karolinska

“In A girl with a Slogan (2012), the artist unites the image of anonymous graffiti photographed on the street with the image of a young girl she found on the internet. The girl is holding up a sign saying “I am not going to eat a mad cow” during one of the biggest anti-government protests in 2008. She rebels against the controversial Free Trade Agreement between South Korea and USA, in which South Korea agreed to import US beef possibly infected with mad cow disease. ” [Excerpt from exhibition leaflet]

Photos : Courtesy Cecilia Hillström Gallery