Let Us Dance

2014 - 2016

South Korea Guest of Honour, Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Main Alley 2016

Teenage girls are invited into the gallery space to create a central role in a performance through dance. The girls are given the opportunity to create the artwork on their own, here the completion of the artwork is left entirely in the girls hands. For Paris performance, young female street dancers in their teens or 20s, recruited individually and directly from Le Centquatre.

‘Let Us Dance’ questions hierarchy and the authorship of the artist, as well as the artwork and the role of art in the current socio-political climate.The project is inspired by the teenage girls’ role in the 2008 demonstration in Seoul against the import of US beef by the Korean Government and developed in close relation to the artists embroidered work ‘Burning Love’ (2014).

‘Let Us Dance’ was first introduced in PLATEAU, Seoul in 2014. The project was revived in Paris as part of South Korea Guest of Honour, Art Paris Art Fair 2016 and in Bristol as part of ‘Still I Rise’ exhibition, Arnolfini in 2019.

Photography: Suhwan Park