Drawing Flowers

2006 - 2022

The artist has been making flower drawings since 2003. Here, she draws flowers using half machine and half freehand embroidery. Through the use of this method, the flower drawings come to relate artistic to industrial production. Due to the duration of the drawing process, the drawings reveal a sense of time which is contradictory to the economic time of selling and purchasing goods, in that the individual rhythm of the life pattern of the artist is reflected in their making.


for flower drawing

  1. I will buy flowers from places that I work and live.
  2. I have to draw these purchased flowers.
  3. I have to draw flowers until I do not know why I am drawing flowers.
  4. I need to recognize that certain types of flowers are becoming universal and to recognize that the price of such flowers is increasing.
  5. I need to remember that flowers bought in poor countries or areas are much cheaper than those bought in expensive areas.
  6. I need to remember that rich areas of metropolitan cities do not even sell flowers of the cheaper varieties.
  7. Each time I do a drawing, I have to complete it before the flowers I draw are wilted.
  8. I must draw the flowers as accurately as possible and not exaggerate or omit any detail.
  9. I should stop and have a break when I am bored with drawing flower.
  10. Finally, I must not make flower drawings as a means to earn money or to make a living.

Photo: Min Seung Kim