5100: Pentagon

2014 - 2022
Block Universe 2017

Gwangju Biennale 2014/ Royal Academy of Arts, Block Universe 2017/ Parque de la Memoria, Buenos Aires 2022

Collaboration with choreographers Ann So-Hee Mannik Kristiansen and Sarah Louise Kristiansen.

‘5100: Pentagon’ a choreographed performance inspired by collected archival images relating to the 18 May 1980 Gwangju uprising. Each performance is based on a web-tutorial accessed by anonymous groups of participants with no restrictions to age, gender and art experience. The music for the performance is influenced by the 1980’s demonstration song, ‘A Song of May’.

The project brings to light an unexplored period in history as an intensive moment. Examining the potentially shared agreement formed by multiple individuals, performing multiple expressions at one event.

Block Universe 2017
Block Universe 2017

Photo : Courtesy Block Universe and the Artist



Royal Academy, Block Universe: Young In Hong