Gwanghwamun Quartet


Kukje Gallery, Seoul

Saxophone: Sung-wan Kim, Drum: Gyeong-ho Son, Piri (Korean flute): Mi-kyung Song, Contrabass: Changwoo Choi, Costume design: Hye-eun Kim

Duration: 20 minutes, 38 seconds

Gwanghwamun Quartet is an improvised performance, approaching Gwanghwamun Square as a place of ‘intensity’, interpreting its history and its collective memory.

The performance begins with solo parts for piri (Korean flute), saxophone, contrabass and drum. Followed by a rigorous ensemble of discord. The musicians improvise whilst listening to a soundtrack on headphones composed by the artist using audio collected from Gwanghwamun Square.

Photography: Kanghyun Ahn